Friday, December 01, 2006

Me & Pillowhead

Brewster is an adorable pony. One of my customers from Etsy approached me about creating a fat pony that looked like Brewster. It is her nephew's favorite pony and she wanted to create a special present for him.

Then, I was asked if Brewster's name could be embroidered on. Well, I knew where to turn for help. Enter Angela from pillowhead. Angela hand embroiders letters on many things, my favorite being pillows, of course. But, she agreed to help me with my little project.

It was tough. The chocolate brown faux suede that I found is perfect for Brewster, but it's very dense and hard to get a needle through. Angela rose to the challenge and created these tiny (.5") letters on Brewster's backside.

Well, he was certainly a hit. And, you know what I'm making for my niece and nephews this Christmas - stuffed animals with their names embroidered on them! What a unique way to personalize a gift that will be treasured for a long time.