Tuesday, August 21, 2007

D.I.Y. Kids - Get your copy Aug. 23, 2007

I'm very pleased to announce that D.I.Y. Kids is coming out in a couple of days. I had the pleasure of contributing to this book in the stuffed animal design section, as well as being interviewed for a profile. I can't wait to get my copy, and I'm even more excited to know that many, many families and groups will be crafting together and getting ideas from the book.

About D.I.Y. Kids:

"Princeton Architectural Press is proud to present D.I.Y. Kids, a book by Ellen and Julia Lupton forthcoming in Fall 2007. Illustrated with real artwork by real children, D.I.Y. Kids engages young people in making stuff, from binding their own books to sewing their own clothes. It’s packed with fun ideas for making stickers, logos, clothespin dolls, box buildings, graffiti furniture, ribbon accessories, and other cool projects. Each is explained with step-by-step instructions and colorful photographs of great designs and the kids who made them. The activities—rated by difficulty, time, mess, and cost—are intended for ages 7–12, but can easily be modified to suit all ages.

D.I.Y. Kids aims to trigger imaginative play, without requiring fees, teams, or a minivan. It’s for parents, teachers, aunts and uncles, friends and baby-sitters, neighbors and citizens—anyone who wants to create a better world not only for, but also with, the next generation. Most of all, it’s for kids who want to make their mark (and make a difference) by exercising the arts of design with wit, intelligence, and style.

— Ellen and Julia Lupton"

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Line - Eco-Friendly Animals

So, I've been wanting to make a line of eco-friendly animals for a long time. The only thing that has held me back is the fiberfill. All I've been able to find has been polyester, and that just won't do.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I discovered Eco-Craft fiberfill. It's made from corn, which is an annually renewable source. It's very cool stuff. It performs a little differently than its polyester cousin and has the consistency of cotton candy. I think it's great because of the source material, and I hope my customers will enjoy it as well.

So, here are the specs for my new eco-friendly line:
- 100% cotton fabric
- 100% cotton thread
- embroidered eyes, no plastic
- stuffed with eco-craft fiberfill
- beanbags are filled with buckwheat hulls

I'm really thrilled to be posting some animals this week in the shop.