Monday, June 27, 2011

Zooguu featured in Boston Globe Magazine

The SoWA Open Market was featured in the June 26 issue of Boston Globe Magazine. We were lucky enough to be chosen by Marni Katz, the writer of the article, to have our products photographed. You can imagine the smile on my face when I got the paper yesterday morning and saw how large our photo was! You can see the article online, in a photo slideshow format on

Friday, June 10, 2011

Renegade Preview 2 of 2 - Dinosaurs!

They're finally here! I've been dreaming about making jointed dinosaurs for a while now, and of course I have to choose one of the busiest times to try out a new design. I think it might be all of the creative energy flowing here in the studio and the excitement building around another Renegade Craft Fair. If you're in Brooklyn this weekend, come by Booth #22 to be the first to check out these new T-Rex toys! There will be a couple of other color combinations as well.

They Stand!

And they sit, too!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Renegade Preview 1 of 2 - Disco Narwhal

At the Twist Fair in Northampton, MA there is a shiny disco ball suspended in the center of the room. Nate Duval, Jen Skelley and I were enjoying the delights of that disco ball and how its rotation signifies the start of the event. Perhaps it was something in the air, because we started to laugh about bringing a disco ball to outdoor events as well. And then the idea came: A giant disco ball narwhal to hang in our tent! What could be better for a craft fair? I promised I'd have one ready for Renegade Brooklyn, and here it is! Come visit booth #22 (near the baseball field) to check out the newest tent decoration and be captivated by its shiny, over the top, fabulous glow.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Happy June Narwhal Calendar

Now that it's June, I'd like to share this month's free desktop wallpaper calendar. We're celebrating Narwhals this month. It's my newest design, and one of the things I love to make the most right now. You can download the .jpg for free on the Zooguu Free Stuff Page. Pretty soon, you will be able to purchase a narwhal in your favorite colors online. If you're crafty, you can already purchase a PDF pattern in the Zooguu Etsy shop to make one for yourself.

I'd also like to express our thanks to the readers of the Chicago Tribune! The response to the recent press about Zooguu has been wonderful, and we can't thank you enough.