Friday, September 24, 2010

Squids w/ Masks - Fool's Mansion Halloween Art Show

I originally wanted to make a squid wearing a ghost costume for this year's annual Halloween Art Show at the Fool's Mansion in Salem, MA. A good idea in theory, but in reality, covering up your hard work in a white sheet with eye holes doesn't really do it justice. So, I opted for making a mask. Then, I loved it so much that I had to make three. :)

Squids without masks, waiting patiently for Halloween to finally come.

The squids are really happy to have their masks and their "trick or treat" bags.

A better view of the details and hand embroidered bag.

The Halloween Art Show at the Fool's Mansion in Salem, MA opens on Saturday, Oct. 2. There will be an opening party that evening. Come check out some amazing local artists!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plush You - Zooguu Angler Fish

This two-foot plush angler fish is heading out to Seattle to be part of this year's annual Plush You gallery show. This plush is particularly interesting because I tried a new technique, making my own pattern for the fabric. The body is made up of two pieces of fabric. The top layer is all free form drawn and hand cut, then appliqued on top of the lower layer.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chicago - Renegade Craft Fair

Gubicza and I just got back from Chicago, a short 16-hour drive away. It's nice to take some time out and do a weekend show in another city. Since we had friends coming in from all over to do the show, we were able to relax, hang out, be tourists and eat some great food together.

Saturday started out with rain (we were booth 171):

Here's part of our setup:

The ornament display I built last week:

Friday night in Millenium Park:

Deep Dish Pizza:

And us at "the bean" (Cloud Gate):

Thanks, Chicago, for another great year. Even with the rainy start to the event, we ended up having an even better show than last year! We met some wonderful new people, saw familiar faces and had a great time.