Monday, May 21, 2007

Fat Pigeon - the newest animal

Welcome Fat Pigeon - the newest member of the sweetestpea gang.
This is one of those custom orders that is really exciting, and an interesting challenge. Most of my animals come about because someone will ask, "Do you make a fat (insert animal here)?" and I'll reply, "Not yet, but I could try it!"

Usually, things start out with computer sketches, so I'm attaching the client-approved sketch here for you to see. This one was a bit unusual because it relied heavily on the fabric choice. The client requested fabric that was shiny, and changed color like real pigeon's heads do. I went on my search, and I only came up with organza or silk with that quality. Then, I went back to dig in the piles of fabric that were home decorating remnants, and I found the perfect piece! There was one yard total. So, I should have enough to make 9 pigeons if I want! Good thing, too -- the client requested two more!

If you'd like to request a limited edition pigeon of your own, contact me at any time. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been tagged

Ok, so I've been tagged... This means that I have to list 7 random things about myself and also have 7 other bloggers do the same. If you'd like to be tagged, please comment on this post, and I'll leave a "tag, you're it!" comment on your blog.

1. I am really bad at keeping journals, scrapbooks and blogs. It's funny that the busier I am, the less I think about updating the blog. But, with all the fun things I'm doing, there's plenty to write about!

2. My husband and I have a giant stuffed octopus named Dr. Perfect. He has a blog and it's updated even less than mine. Last year, he threw me a surprise birthday party. Yesterday, I threw one for him. He just turned two (see photo above).

3. I am 27 years old and currently I am: a full-time graphic designer, a part-time educator, a small business owner, and I contributed to two books that will be coming out in the next year.

4. The song "Monster Mash" used to scare me as a kid. The man who sang that song died recently, and a friend sent me an email letting me know, "You're free. He won't hurt you anymore."

5. I'm really excited to travel to Japan - hopefully next year!

6. I think pickles, as a side dish, can add to most any meal.

7. Sometimes I'm surprised at the success of the stuffed animals I make. Sometimes I'm not. It's a very strange thing. From the beginning I saw their potential... I guess it's just strange seeing something work out and finding it sort-of unbelievable.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ignafruit's custom thank you cards

Ok, so I just had to rave about my new thank you cards. I've always included little notes with my outgoing packages. Usually, they're just pieces of paper I've taken from leftover paper sample books. I fold the piece over, write thank you on the front, draw some little leaves (why leaves? I dunno... why not?) and write my message inside. So... they had NOTHING to do with my branding. And, being a graphic designer who makes a living branding other companies, I decided to follow my own advice.

I discovered ignafruit's shop on Etsy in a Treasury. I thought "Those are really pretty note cards!" and I went to see what else she had to offer. Well, much to my delight, Angi (igna backwards) does take custom orders. I made my request - 3 inch square cards with my own design, sent her the file and she hand screen printed 200 for me. I think they arrived within a week (including production and mailing time) now that's fast!

If you want to see Angi's beautiful cards, check out her etsy shop: Or, you can just be one of my next 200 customers. :)