Monday, May 21, 2007

Fat Pigeon - the newest animal

Welcome Fat Pigeon - the newest member of the sweetestpea gang.
This is one of those custom orders that is really exciting, and an interesting challenge. Most of my animals come about because someone will ask, "Do you make a fat (insert animal here)?" and I'll reply, "Not yet, but I could try it!"

Usually, things start out with computer sketches, so I'm attaching the client-approved sketch here for you to see. This one was a bit unusual because it relied heavily on the fabric choice. The client requested fabric that was shiny, and changed color like real pigeon's heads do. I went on my search, and I only came up with organza or silk with that quality. Then, I went back to dig in the piles of fabric that were home decorating remnants, and I found the perfect piece! There was one yard total. So, I should have enough to make 9 pigeons if I want! Good thing, too -- the client requested two more!

If you'd like to request a limited edition pigeon of your own, contact me at any time. :)


Anonymous said...

Great design!

Kristen said...

I messaged you on Etsy! I hope I'm not too late to order one of these great pigeons!