Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ignafruit's custom thank you cards

Ok, so I just had to rave about my new thank you cards. I've always included little notes with my outgoing packages. Usually, they're just pieces of paper I've taken from leftover paper sample books. I fold the piece over, write thank you on the front, draw some little leaves (why leaves? I dunno... why not?) and write my message inside. So... they had NOTHING to do with my branding. And, being a graphic designer who makes a living branding other companies, I decided to follow my own advice.

I discovered ignafruit's shop on Etsy in a Treasury. I thought "Those are really pretty note cards!" and I went to see what else she had to offer. Well, much to my delight, Angi (igna backwards) does take custom orders. I made my request - 3 inch square cards with my own design, sent her the file and she hand screen printed 200 for me. I think they arrived within a week (including production and mailing time) now that's fast!

If you want to see Angi's beautiful cards, check out her etsy shop: Or, you can just be one of my next 200 customers. :)

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Eggman Studios said...

I absolutely love all of your sweetie stuffies. They're terribly cute.

And, just wanted to let you know that you may consider yourself "tagged"! I'm passing the torch off to you (please forgive me if you've done this already--it's so hard to keep track...). The "how to" is over on my blog.

Have a good week! :)