Monday, July 24, 2006

Newest Creation - Fat Rhino

Hey guys and gals!
Welcome the newest animal to the Sweetest Pea Designs collection!
Introducing Fat Rhino!!!

I've been venturing over to the upholstery fabric section of JoAnn's recently. I've found some great textured fabrics. I used my first upholstery fabric to create a fat hamster. The texture really adds a lot of personality to the animals. I enjoy the simplicity of the faux suede and the variety of colors, but the most recent fabrics really lend themselves to the specific animals.

There's a balance I have to figure out when creating these animals. How life-like do I make them? Does the texture/color have to match in order for the animal to be recognizable? In some cases, the texture helps with the identity. For example - the pig and the cow designs are very similar, but the cow-print fabric instantly identifies that animal as a cow.

So, for now, I'm excited to experiment with new fabrics. But, I'll always love the requests that come in for blue monkeys. : )


Anonymous said...

very cute.
this looks familiar:)

Funky Finds said...

I adore your work! So much so that I had to feature you on my blog, Funky Finds, today :)