Friday, May 16, 2008

My first big plush commission!

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) asked me to create 8 plush versions of their new characters, the Uh-Ohs, for an upcoming trade show. The Uh-Ohs are little block characters that are cute, curious and careless. They always get into trouble and kids have to make sure to keep them safe. Check out the web site for more info about the Uh-Ohs:

This job was a big undertaking, but I had a lot of fun creating them. They're just so adorable. I kept the original for my collection (I made some slight modifications to the design before I completed the entire order of 8) and I currently have him riding in the passenger seat of my car. He's not wearing his seat belt, of course, in true Uh-Oh fashion. :)


steve said...

So cool Jen, congrats!!

Andrew said...

Congrats! These look great.

Marce said...

they are precious!