Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 2009, Everyone!

I hope everyone has had an excellent start to the new year! The dust has settled after a whirlwind 5 weekends of vending in different cities. Many thanks to Mike Jacobsen for building my gorgeous honeycomb diaplays. They make setup easier, and they are the perfect home for the animals.

We're starting the new year off right for Zooguu - and that means getting organized. I'm preparing for more wholesale orders, and I selected my 20 favorite animals to focus on. So, step one is done!

Step two is to make sure I have a thick cardstock pattern made of every one of those animals in all of my size offerings: ornament, small, medium, large and extra large. Every pattern piece needs to be printed, cut out and placed in a corresponding envelope and labeled. I'm about 1/5 of the way done!

Step three is to make every animal in every size so they can be photographed. Brian is helping a lot by working with me every day to trace and cut these little (and sometimes huge) guys. I wanted to share the latest creation with you all: The first extra large fugu!

Along with getting organized in 2009, comes a long list of other things that I need to keep up with. These include blogging more, making more activities, updating, and an exciting new project I'm going to announce in a post very soon. :) Stay tuned!


Sharona R. said...

I love your work, and your blog is very interesting too.

I was wondering, and didn't find it anywhere, why did you close your Etsy shop and opened a new one? Is it because of the CSPIA?


Jen (sweetestpea) said...

Hi Sharona,
I am moving Etsy shops because of a name issue. I have had sweetestpea as my username for a few years, but then when I wanted to become an LLC, I was not allowed to use sweetestpea by the state of NY. So, I made up Zooguu, and became an LLC. On Etsy, I wanted to change names so that it would match. Nothing to do with the CPSIA.