Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost Time For Vacation

It's been a busy 2009 so far! Finally, everything is organized!
I have envelopes containing all of the pattern pieces for my 22 main animals in four different sizes. So, that's 88 envelopes, with an average of about 7 pieces in each. That took a lot of time to put together! Also, on the outside of each envelope are printouts of how many of each piece needs to be traced/cut to make an animal. And finally, each size gets a different colored "tag" so that it's easy to identify. Here's a peak:

We've also been building our stock so we can do a giant photo shoot. I've never had photographs of every item before. Now, I will finally be able to have a full shop.

We've been making: 1 XL, 1 large, 3 mediums and 3 smalls of every animal. The total number will be 176 for the photo shoot. The plan is to also make 6 of every animal in ornament size over the summer, for an additional 132 animals. We should be done with the first batch of 176 by this Friday.

Here's a shot of how we've been organizing the "to-do" list of in-progress animals that have been cut, but not sewn:
And, here's a shot of a bin full of animals that are not yet stuffed. This particular one is housing about 60 flattened animals:
We're celebrating our hard work with a trip back home to Boston this weekend. I'm so excited to get back and enjoy a few days off.

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