Thursday, April 08, 2010

Giant Plush Office @ Etsy

It's finished!! The 9 week long project that Brian and I have been working on is coming to a close. We've been planning, cutting, designing, painting, sourcing materials, hammering and learning new skills. When Etsy asked us to spruce up some small rooms in their corporate office space, we jumped at the chance. The rooms are tiny (5' x 7') and are used by staff to make private phone calls. When we arrived, they were bare and uninviting. Now, they each feel like a unique universe.

Brian chose to design an amazing Evil Villain's Lair (see below). Since the space was already small, I wanted to play with scale even more. What if everything in the office was larger than life? My specialty is plush, so I set to work on making giant plush office supplies. Here are some more detailed shots:

Vintage Royal Typewriter

Red Swingline Stapler & Vintage Black Telephone

Red Swingline Stapler

Vintage Black Telephone

Etsy Coffee Mug

Plush Cuckoo Clock

Cork Board & Thumbtacks

Many thanks go to:
Rob Kalin
Sarah Starpoli
Brian Gubicza
All of my studio mates for looking at everything along the way, whether they wanted to or not. :)

Next up - the photos of the third room to come this weekend!


becca.elpy said...

that's pretty sweet! i love the typewriter and the clock. great job!

dodo said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Sean said...

Totally amazing. Made my day today. Wonderful work.

My Discworld said...

What a fantastic idea to put plush in the phone room. That will cut down on echo. The phone rooms in my office are bare and echo like crazy.

DapperPaper said...

LOVE it! that corkboard and thumbtacks are so great!

littlemissdelicious said...

Wow, this is amazing!

searchandrescue said...

I love this! Working soft, instead of working hard.

ModernPOP Designs said...

hahah, this makes me smile, that is so sweet!!

EclecticBarbarella said...

That's awesome!

Andrew said...

What a cool concept--and excellently executed!

Sharon said...

Jen -- these are great! it was nice to meet you yesterday. Hope you are enjoying some new england spring :-)

LittleCoolToys said...

Fantastic work!! Absolutely wonderful idea - I LOVE it!

Chroma Lab said...

Get right outta town!!!