Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proud Unicorn Plush

My latest plush creation is a big departure from what I normally create. I was invited to participate in an upcoming show called "March of the Unicorns" at the Lichen Gallery. The Lichen is part of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. The show will run for the month of March. While I have made unicorns in my classic dome shape before, I've been waiting for a chance to break the mold and create something outside my comfort zone.

Not only does this unicorn stand up on its own, but its legs are jointed (using the hidden button joint technique expertly explained by my friend Mimi Kirchner), so it can be positioned in a variety of ways.

Closer look at the face & the top-stitching detail of the mane, beard & horn.

Front & Back view. This unicorn is very proud, indeed!

My inspiration for this design is the images of unicorns in tapestries and in architecture, primarily the bronze sculptures found on top of the Council House in Bristol, UK.

The first unicorn is going to be on display in Lincoln, Nebraska for the month of March, but I will be making the design available in my Etsy shop as well.


sara girlscantell said...

amaaaaaazing. i love it + you rule!

Andrew said...

Now that's just plain cool!

big sis said...

and the Lion and Unicorn on the Old State House in Boston??? ::

jen said...

Well, yes, there's a unicorn on the State House as well, but I meant more the style of the unicorn from the Council House. I really like how graphic that one is. The mane in particular caught my eye.