Friday, April 20, 2012

What's new - Huge project in progress

We're in the middle of a gigantic project right now, and I wanted to share progress shots of things as they develop. We love fairy tales: princesses, frogs, witches, disguises, wolves, candy houses and more! Whether everyone agrees on the messages that classic fairy tales deliver, the imagery involved has fascinated artists for centuries. We'd like to put our spin on the classics. This project has evolved a lot over the last few weeks, but I think we finally hit on something pretty great. The look is inspired by Brian's cut paper work, Jen's sewing skills and a bit of toy theatre thrown in. Jen has come up with all of the concepts and initial sketches. Brian has used his critical design skills to improve the compositions and develop the color palettes. The final pieces will be made of fabric with colored top stitching to bring out the details. Here are the first four designs in their computer sketch form. We're hoping for at least 12 total before any stitching begins. It even looks like we have a gallery show lined up for when these are complete! Enjoy this little sneak peek into our process:

Little Red Riding Hood

Hansel & Gretel


The Frog Prince


Sharon said...

So excited too see these!

J Reichert said...

These are super - nice work!

FollowUpQuestion said...

These are AMAZING! I can't wait to see the final product.

jess said...

Jen, these look so great! Can't wait to see the whole series!