Friday, August 28, 2009

Junkprints Dumpster Pool Party!

Chanel Kennebrew a.k.a. Junkprints and her friends decided that their summer party needed something special, so they turned to David Belt of Macro-Sea who had just built pools out of dumpsters. That's right, dumpsters! You can read the whole story about the Dumpster Pools in this recent NY Times article.

It is a fabulous idea. A secret pool party in Brooklyn that is invite only. And, there's also something special about taking trash containers and turning them into something new and useful. Even the neighbors had no idea what was going on. Once you were inside the walls, the music was loud, the energy was high, and the atmosphere was full of excitement. As soon as you stepped back on the street, the music faded away, everyone went their separate ways and it was a quiet neighborhood.

Enjoy these snapshots courtesy of Alicia Kachmar, crocheter of adorable little friends.

The pools from above - you wouldn't even think they were dumpsters!

The pools from below, showing the dumpsters in all their glory.

Video games projected on the wall added another fun thing to do!

And, the finale. A giant whale pinata filled with glitter and goodies from Chanel & her friends.

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