Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fat Bat - Altering Photographs?

I've made this new guy, Fat Bat. I think he's very cute and loveable. It took me over a month to shoot a photo of him for his listing. Partly because I like having him around, and partly because I knew what I wanted for his background and was debating on whether or not to do it.

I really wanted a spooky, halloween setting with a full moon on a navy background and to have him hanging upside-down on a branch. I tried setting it up in my usual way, with props, but it looked bad. Just not a good way to present him. The moon was obviously just some cut paper. And, even though the sets have worked well for me in the past, this just wasn't cutting it.

So, despite my reluctance to digitally alter the photographs, here he is in all his glory. I don't plan to do any crazy alterations in the future, but will you forgive me for Halloween? Just this once?

1 comment:

Funky Finds said...

this is the cutest bat ever! i want!