Monday, November 19, 2007

Eco Friendly Lion

Meet Eco Friendly Lion!

I have a lovely customer who requested a fat lion to be made with Eco friendly materials. I've been waiting for the chance to use orange corduroy! I went to the fabric store and chose some fantastic, orange, cotton fabric for her to choose from.

I'm thrilled with how this guy came out. I cut out another lion from the fabric on the far left, and I hope to have it ready by the SOWA Holiday Market on Dec. 8 & 9.

The next few weeks will be so busy! My husband (Gubicza) put together the white cube shelves this weekend that will be my display for the holiday market. It looks great... I only hope I have enough animals to fill all of those spots!


Goiuri said...


I think your works are really fantastic and I've got a blog where people look for information about crafts, Do you think it was possible to post some of them and your link??


Jen (sweetestpea) said...

Sure Goiuri! Thanks for the writing about my animals.

Christine Marie said...

Your lion is adorable (as is your fat little monster)! I bet people will gobble these cuties right up at the SOWA market...

Luke in Progress said...

Oh wow, I really dig that little guy and all his pattern goodness.
Thats really rad.
He looks so clean too.