Sunday, November 25, 2007

small bean bag chair - about 2 feet tall

Some things I learned while making this chair:

1. If you think you bought a zipper big enough for the cover, add 4 inches and buy another.
2. Those bean bag filler pellets go EVERYWHERE! Make sure you have a vacuum handy.
3. For the inside bladder, even though no one sees it, make sure you use fabric that is easy to sew. I decided to use fabric that I had, but I knew I'd never use again, just to get rid of it. Big mistake, as this fabric was not at all easy to sew.
4. Add 2 hours to your estimated time to complete said project.

That said, I do feel satisfied that I have a cute little chair that will hopefully make someone happy in the future!


AlicePleasance said...

Love your stuff!!!
And your blog too is really nice

Melissa said...

Your monster looks like he came out perfect!!!!

This Recycled Life said...

what cute things you have here, and thanks for the helpful stuff for making a treasury on Etsy.

Gerald said...

You are brilliant. Love all your creations.

argylewhale said...

This creature is my idol!

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